Power Image Manager Extension Update Alert

Dear customers,

We are proud to announce the New version of the Best image manager for OpenCart - The Power Image Manager!

We have included new features, which are requested especially by you - our customers!
If you have purchased the Power Image Manager for OpenCart 2.0, then you will be able to download this upgrade for FREE.
Everyone else can enjoy our Summer sale and get the Power Image Manager with 25% discount of the price!

What’s new?
Couple of things....

Stand alone version
You can now access the Power Image Manager from Catalog > Power Image Manager menu.

Multiple starting locations
You are now able to change the starting folder. Moreover, you will be able to add as many starting folders as you wish, in a form of shortcuts in the left menu bar.

FTP connector
Add access to resources hosted outside of your website, and you will be able to use drag & drop to upload them into your server.
Within this version, the module is equipped with few fully manageable plugins:

  • AutoResize - Setup a maximum dimensions.
  • Sanitize - Clear special characters from names.
  • Watermark - Apply watermark on image.

Thank you all for your support!
We hope you enjoy your new image manager.